With Heidi Kettenring as Gwendolen 
& Jay Whittaker as James Joyce.
“A note-perfect 
~ Chicago Sun-Times
"Krill is delightful... a gifted comic actor." 
                                           ~ Daily Herald, Chicago

Tom Stoppard’s

“Sean Allan Krill 
in marvelous, flamboyant form.” 
~ Aisle Say, Chicago
With Lance Stuart Baker as Henry Carr.
With Heidi Kettenring as Gwendolen.
Tristan Tzara & Henry Carr.
With Lance Stuart Baker as Henry Carr 
& Matthew Krause as Bennett.
With Heidi, again my Gwendolen.
Matt & Jay in the dressing room, 
messing with ‘Algy’s goggles’.
Mary Beth Fisher & Tim Donoghue as the Lenins.
The women of Travesties, addicted to playing ‘nertz’.
Tristan Tzara

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