Trevor Graydon III
“A truly hilarious performance!” ~ On The Aisle, Seattle
“This dashing, 
handsome leading man 
has impeccable comic timing 
and energy...  it’s a hysterical, scene stealing performance 
that will have you in 
fits of laughter.”
~, Dallas
“Krill brings a winking knowledge of musical conventions to his performance, and like Sutton Foster in New York, he inhabits the role with complete conviction.”
~ Los Angeles Times
“...finds rests in a musical score that has no rests and recharges the comedy in that millisecond... so that every 15 seconds we are laughing.  Even his strong vocal and dance work are delivered with character and nuance.”
“Krill displays razor-sharp timing 
and terrific pipes.” 
~ Chicago Tribune
“I didn’t think he was that great.  
Just okay I guess.”
~ a teenage girl 
on an internet blog
“Campy perfection!” 
~ Houston Press
“ ‘What a dandy little bundle for a fella to cuddle!’  
...perfect parody.” 
~ Variety
Sean Allan Krill as Trevor Graydon & Diana Kaarina as Miss Dorothy.
With Darcie & (from left) Jeremy Davis, Laura Shoop, Mark Ledbetter, Bradley Benjamin, Daniel May, 
Diane Veronica  Phelan, Renee Monique Brown, Heather Parcells, Joe Langworth & Tony Yazbeck in “The Speed Test”.
photos by Joan Marcus
With Darcie Roberts as Millie Dillmount.
Carbonell Award 
Best Supporting Actor in a Musical
Leon Rabin Award nomination, 
Best Supporting Actor in a Musical
With Darcie in “The Speed Test”
With Diana in “Falling in Love With Someone”
“Superbly comic."” 
~ Denver Post
“Sean Allan Krill 
is the gem 
of the evening.” 
~ OnStage Boston
“Krill provides a perfectly realized comedic performance.” ~ Kansas City Star
“Uproariously funny."” 
~ Backstage West, Los Angeles
“A perfect portrayal.” 
~ Los Angeles Downtown News

first national tour

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