“A hilariously bombastic Sir Dennis Galahad.” ~ Chicago Tribune
As Prince Herbert’s Father 
with Jackson Evans as Prince Herbert.
Sir Dennis Galahad, The Black Knight & Prince Herbert’s Father
My Magic Sister Janie visits, and ends up in A101.
With Bradley Mott, Adam Pelty, David Kortemier and Matt Crowle.
Rehearsing the Ni Knight scene. THE SAME!
The Bitch Box Boys on Foxy Hat Day.
Recording the commercial with Lauren, Gary & Roberta.
Performing  ‘Bright Side’ with Eric Idle.
With John & Gina on closing night.
With John, Matt & Kristin (and Mama) on closing night.
With Eric Idle backstage.
Rehearsing flying:
my first time in the the fly harness and the entire Black Knight rig 
all at once.

“A terrific cast!  
The key to this production’s success  is the actors’ impressive freshness and invention... 
Sean Allan Krill 
is a deftly 
narcissistic Galahad.”
~ Chicago 
“Drury Lane Oakbrook’s regional premiere production is a joy to behold. 
Jackson Evans 
and Sean Allan Krill 
are like two glorious 
Mr. Potato Head dolls, 
remade as different characters over and over again throughout the show.”
~ Chicago Stage Review
Ham and jam.
“Graced with fine comic actors like Sean Allan Krill, Bradley Mott, and Matthew Crowle, Drury Lane's energetic revival radiates talent 
and joy.”  
~ Chicago Reader
“The very funny Sean Allan Krill shifts from disgruntled peasant to pretty boy Galahad 
with a flick of his golden locks.” 
~ Daily Herald
As Sir Dennis Galahad 
with Gina Milo as 
The Lady of the Lake.
As The Black Knight with David Kortemier as King Arthur.

photo by Brett Beiner

photo by Brett Beiner

photo by

Brett Beiner

Rehearsing ‘Run Away’.
Rehearsing the guard scene.
Rehearsing the Finale.
Eric Idle drops in on rehearsal.
Lobby banner.
“What if this was my style?”
New Year’s Eve with Katie, Jackson, Gina & Amanda.
Swedish pancakes with my LOL.
“We’re stuck in a nasty position...”
Looking on the bright side, for Guy.
BK and Ni, just hangin’ in our enormous costumes.
Eric Idle with the cast and crew backstage.
LOL and Gal.
Give me sasspants 
and a stumpsuit...
...and watch out.
“She’s got huge... tracks of land.”
Rehearsing flying:
A little video I made of John 
as Tim the Enchanter.

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