MAMMA MIA! tour scrapbook
Rehearsing with Laurie Wells (Donna), Carrie Manolakos (Sophie) & Corey Greenan (Sky) in New York.
“The Three Sams” of Tour 2: 
Sean, Don Noble & Tony Clements.
With my girls, Laurie & Carrie 
at the opening night party 
in Tucson (above) & the tour's 4th Anniversary party 
in Tempe (right).
With Laurie in Miami, FL.
With Carrie (& yummy martini) 
at Inferno Discotheque 
in W. Palm Beach. Groovy.
“Money, Money, Money”
Karla L. Beard (Lisa), Tiffani Barbour (Ali) 
& Sue Draus conducting (on the monitor) 
during b-roll filming .
“Money, Money, Money”  
Laurie & company
during b-roll filming 
in Denver, CO.
“Super Trouper”
Laurie as Donna Sheridan
With (from left) 
Milo Shandel (Bill), 
Corey Greenan (Sky) 
& Ian Simpson (Harry) 
on opening night.
Rehearsing onstage in Tempe, AZ with (from left) production stage manager Beth Robertson, 
Carrie, Corey, Laurie & director Martha Banta.
‘Put-in’ in Tempe, AZ:  I was so overwhelmed the first time 
I sang through “Knowing Me, Knowing You” with full orchestra 
and everyone singing in the booths backstage...  
I had to just lie down and take a moment.
Opening night, Tucson, AZ.
With Will Reynolds in Orlando, FL.
'The Dads' 
in Mexico City.
With the Geminis of Mamma Mia!,
Rosalie Vega, Milo & Lisa,
celebrating our birthdays 
in Mexico City.
With Guy 
& Anne at the 
opening night party 
in Dallas, TX.
Lisa Mandel (Tanya), Laurie & Corey 
during b-roll filming.
Setting up for Act II.
Kevin Ashling in a vocal booth 
at intermission.
With Laurie,
collecting for BC/EFA in Denver.
Easter egg hunting in Bloomington, IN.
With Laurie at Fort Myers Beach, FL.
Colin Donnell, Laurie & Anne Tolpegin 
in Iowa City, IA.
Anne & Colin on 'The Grassy Knoll', Dallas, TX.
Collecting for BC/EFA:  
Me, Jason Calverley - one of my best friends from 
high school - & 'the codpiece' in E. Lansing, MI.
With Laurie at intermission.
Will Reynolds on as Sky,
at intermission before 'Under Attack'.
Pretending to cut taco meat: photo-op at 
a taqueria in Mexico City.
Outside the Auditorio Nacional 
in Mexico City: 
the unofficial Mamma Mia! swag was amazing, & 
I think those of us 
in the show 
bought more than the audiences did.
Too much tequila in Tlaquepaque, Mexico.
Guy in Mexico City & me in Teotihuacan, Mexico.
With Carrie & Corey 
at the tour's 
5th Anniversary party, 
Columbia, SC.
"Hmmm...  what to wear?  
I think tonight is a yellow night."
"Money, Money, Money", b-roll filming.
With Mary Jayne Raleigh (Donna).
The departing cast's last night, wearing the t-shirts I made them.
Going- away gift, 
designed by Laura Ware (Rosie).
A reading of Will's musical The Sixth Borough in Winnipeg.
Stopping for gas in Manitoba.
Julia Cook & Will behind the wall during the Dynamo arival scene, just before "Money, Money, Money".
Peter Porte, Tony Gonzalez 
& Will at the end of
"Does Your Mother Know".
I see you Christine.
Doing PR with Dane (his television debut!) in San Fran.
With Christine at Coit Tower in San Francisco.
Walking to the Orpheum in San Fran with Tim Ware (Sky), Enrico 
& Vicki Noon (Sophie).
With Greyson D. Gallup 
& Erica Dorfler in San Diego.
Joyce Davidson (Stage Manager) and Shaun Moorman (Company Manager) in San Diego.
Whitney Kaufman , Mark Campbell 
& Foster D. Gallup at a barbecue 
at the Civic Theatre in San Diego.
Enrico Rodriguez (Pepper) 
hula-hooping in San Diego.
Tony & Sandy Hanlon-Cressler 
("Sweetie" - Wardrobe Mistress Extraordinaire) 
in my dressing room in San Francisco.
ABBA on ice in London, Ontario.
6th Anniversary party in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
The departing Dads & Dynamos.

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