With Allison Torem as The Girl.
The Man
With Samuel Taylor, De’Adre Azizza, Allison Torem, Molly Regan,  
Namir Smallwood and Alana Arenas.
“Krill anchors the production...  
he never speaks as he moves like a fading but persistent muse through the hotel, 
radiating a sense of benevolent, pervasive sorrow. 
But he does sing, and gorgeously so. ” ~ Examiner
“The Man 
(the golden-voiced Sean Allan Krill) 
is a most melancholy 
tuneful ghost.”
~ Chicago Critic
“This engaging actor plays the most fascinating character in Baltimore.”
~ Deep Dish 
“The cast is superb. 
But in the end, what makes Baltimore a must see are its exquisite moments ~ 
a hand extended in comfort, forgiveness offered unconditionally and the almost imperceptive acts of kindness that connect us, one to another, in the dark before the dawn.” 
~ Daily Herald
“The highlight of the show 
comes when velvet-voiced 
Sean Allan Krill and 
sweet soprano 
Molly Regan sing 
a delicious duet 
of ‘Stardust.’”
~  Southtown Star
“Krill is a gentle ghost from a past era.  He subtly watches on, adding the feeling that grand days once took place in the 
Hotel Baltimore.” 
~ Buzznews
“The presence of some kind of specter (Krill) contributes to a sense of lost history.  The very deliberate staging of his movements is one of the best things about this play.  I just turned my eyes toward the ghost and watched his majestically tragic motion through the dying building... and listened to his 
sadly beautiful voice.”  
~ Chicago Maroon

photos by Michael Brosilow

“Landau directs the piece with the finesse of a maestro.  
It’s a bit dazzling and occasionally shocking, listening to dialogue rendered 
with the nuance of an intense piece of music.  But it’s also a joy, 
despite Hot L Baltimore’s overall tone of exquisite sadness.” ~ Examiner
A profile on Tina’s direction of Hot L Baltimore.
Response to Hot L Baltimore.
A break during
Inspiration for The Man.
A few shots taken during tech rehearsals:
Inspiration on the walls of the Hotel Baltimore: Don Shell, Guy Adkins & Lanford Wilson.
My niece Jennifer and sister Jana visit Chicago 
and see the show.
A few shots from Steppenwolf’s annual fundraising gala:
Closing day.
The Man’s watch...  time passes, but nobody vanishes.

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