Tommy Korman 
& Standby for Tony Danza

nederlander theatre - broadway

& marriott theatre

With Christine Sherrill as Donna in the 2014 Las Vegas production at The New Tropicana Hotel & Casino.
Tech begins!
The full cast of Honeymoon in Vegas performing in the 2014 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Press day for the Broadway production - October, 2015.
My first day on the job.
Opening Night.  January 15th, 2015.
With Matt Allen rehearsing “A Little Luck.”
With Zach Prince rehearsing “Come to an Agreement.”
Standing by...
Thanks to technology - and Zach Prince - I got to take the final bow with the company.  April 5th, 2015.

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With Steven Strafford as Johnny Sandwich, Cole Burden as Buddy Rocky, and the cast performing “When You Say Vegas”.
With Steven Strafford as Johnny Sandwich.
With Samantha Pauly as Donna.
With Richard Manera, Drew Redington, Jessica Wolfrum Raun, Shana Dagny, Kristina Larson, Cole Burden, Allison Sill, Steven Strafford, Anne Gunn, Alex Goodrich, Ambria Sylvain & Laura Savage performing “When You Say Vegas”.
With Kristina Larson as Showgirl, Michael Mahler as Jack, Samantha Pauly as Betsy, and Alejandro Fonseca as Elvis.
“Sean Allan Krill is sublime. His dreamy voice, natural grace, and impeccable acting 
should have made him a Broadway star long ago.” 
~ Chicago Sun-Times
“Krill and Steven Strafford are consummate 
as Korman and 
his oily flunky, 
Johnny Sandwich.” 
~ Chicago Reader
“I will say one thing for Gary Griffin's new production at the Marriott Theatre... 
it is gentler, more human - and thus warmer and funnier - 
and Betsy gets to head to the islands with the suave Sean Allan Krill.” 
~ Chicago Tribune
Click on the pic above to hear Sean sing “A Little Luck”.
“Krill is 
particularly top-notch.” 
~ Windy City Times
“A dashing temptation, 
combining model good looks 
with his spectacular vocals.” 
~ Times Square Chronicle
“Mr. Krill, with a luster in his voice, maintained a debonair Robert Redford-esque air about him that - 
even while scamming - made the audience swoon.” 
~ Entertaining Chicago
“Played with 
     delicious finesse.” 
          ~ Post-Tribune
“Given the show’s best, crooning songs, 
Krill is a vocal combination of 
Frank Sinatra 
and Dean Martin. 
Out of the Sun 
and You Made the 
Wait Worthwhile 
will wow audiences throughout this run.” 
~ Chicagoland Musical Theatre
“Krill, a charismatic actor with a voice 
like velvet, wistfully recalls his late wife 
Donna in the wry but touching 
Out of the Sun.” ~ Daily Herald
“With his wonderful voice and movie star good looks, Krill is tailor made for Tommy.” 
~ Splash Magazine
“Tommy Korman is played to perfection - smooth, fluid and graceful 
in his desire for and courtship of Betsy. 
Women and men throughout the theater were wowed by Krill’s amazing singing voice 
and comedic acting chops.” ~ buzznews
“The perfect depiction of Tommy Korman by Broadway veteran Sean Allan Krill.” 
~ Chicago Theater and Arts
“A Sinatra-like voice and the ability to project charm and danger 
all at once.”
~ Chicago Theater Beat
“With his 
smooth vocals 
and the handsome 
good looks and 
charm of a young 
Kirk Douglas, Krill seems at ease as this oily, conniving cad. 
Despite being the 
show’s antagonist, he delights audiences.” 
~ Chicago Theater Review