With Nick Bailey, Ben Diskant, Carolyn Michelle Smith, Matthew Greer, Gregory Haney & Arturo Soria.
Press day.
“Sean Allan Krill has the funniest moments of the play as A-Gay, 
a highly desirable straight acting man who has a set come-on that's hilariously blunt, ending with the firm declaration, 
“You have five seconds.” ” ~ The Huffington Post
“Krill is by turns charming and chilling.” ~ Gay City News
“Sean Allan Krill delivers an emotionally rich performance as A-Gay, 
a local West Village resident who seems disgusted by the influx 
of minorities yet desperate for some kind of intimate connection 
as he leads a secret life of homosexuality.”
~ The Broadway Blog
“Krill plays A-Gay with an uncomfortable creepiness that borders on hot.” ~ NYTheatre.com
“Mr. Krill manages to be vile and self-centered 
with great skill.” ~ Theatre Scene
With Arturo Soria as Tano.

photos by Michael Murphy

With Nick Bailey as Newbie.
With Arturo Soria as Tano.
Rehearsal shots.
Moving into the Barrow Street.
Tech begins.
Fight call.
Recording crowd noise for the Stonewall scenes.
Out front.
Opening Night.
Applauding Stonewall veteran 
Danny Garvin, in attendance 
on opening night.
I was there, and I ate a cupcake.
Opening Night, Barrow Street Theatre, March 10, 2013.
With Harry Bouvy on opening night.
A-Gay and his boys.
Two-show Saturday.
Down the block, Charles Street, brownstone walk-up, top floor.  You have five seconds.
With Jessica Dickey & Nathan Lee Graham 
on opening night.

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