Tommy Albright
Sean as Tommy with Abby Mueller as Fiona.
“The outstanding 
Sean Allan Krill 
stars as 
Tommy Albright... 
his warm, 
easy confidence and boy-next-door good looks make him 
the perfect 
leading man.”
~ Daily Herald, Chicago
Fun experimental splicing pics!  Two Abbys & two Seans!  Crazy.
Sittin’ with m’dearie.
With Sean, Nancy 
& Abby...  my ‘squeers’.
Joseph Jefferson Award nomination, 
Best Actor in a Musical
Rehearsal shots:
(left) Abby before “Waitin’ for M’Dearie” &
(below) Sean Fortunato (Jeff) & Nancy Voigts (Meg)
during “The Real Love of my Life”.
“Krill gives a performance worthy 
of all the nostalgic reverence Brigadoon conjures, wearing the period like another costume piece.”
~ Gay Chicago Magazine
“Perhaps the best leading man working in Chicago.” 
~ Chicago Tribune

marriott theatre in lincolnshire

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